Dave Brons



“…Dave Brons brings a welcome breath of fresh air to the international instrumental guitar scene: his music exhibits great flair combining epic cinematic compositions with adventurous arrangements and a sense of the dramatic. His guitar playing displays all the requisite modern rock techniques, but his melodic taste, phrasing and sense of joyous fun separates him from the herd. Dave Brons is a genuine new talent: the UK has its latest Guitar hero!…” Owen Edwards:Guitar Idol Founder, Alloutguitar.com editor and best selling guitarist author.


“Dave Brons is an imaginative player with a great groove. I loved hearing his unique take on my music when we played together and look forward to hearing a lot more music from him”  Stu Hamm (Steve Vai, Carl Verheyen, Joe Satriani)


“…Dave Brons is a superb guitar player and a really fantastic composer…” Tom Quayle (Fusion guitar Virtuoso, Journalist and Lick Library Artist)


“…Dave Brons is an exceptional guitarist, with a particular ability to conjure a superb, spine tingling, lyrical tone from his guitar. His impressive technical facility never overshadows his innate melodic sensibility and musicality. ‘Star’ demonstrates Dave’s vision to integrate cinematic orchestral textures with soaring guitar leads, which combine to touch the heart. ” Dave Bainbridge IONA


“…Rarely does does guitar fuelled instrumental rock music succeed in appealing  to both musicians and non muscians alike. Dave’s music sounds like a cross between Star Wars, Einaudi (composer/pianist) and Van Halen.” Richard Davenport KXZR.FM Dallas USA


Dave is a composer, performer and guitar teacher. He has played and taught guitar around the globe and is looking forward to bringing his music to a new audience on the GB3 tour.

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